March 2015 Engagement Shout-Out: Share Teacher Observation Scripts

Here’s a quick way to increase transparency and communication between evaluator or coach and teacher.* Thanks to Downtown College Prep for the inspiration!

A Bit of Background

Sketch—TeachBoost's low-inference teacher observation and feedback tool—allows instructional leaders to quickly record classroom actions, teaching practices, and student behavior while observing a class. Upon completion, a script is produced and observers can identify areas of growth and strength, provide actionable feedback, and disseminate professional development resources.

The Need

Once a Sketch form has been shared with the teacher, they can view an abridged version of the script, as well as feedback and action steps that have been delineated by the instructional leader. The script, however, remains hidden.

Downtown College Prep remarked that the script is extremely valuable, as it provides the teacher with the opportunity to view his/her class through another’s eyes. This point of reflection promotes self-awareness and self-critique, assisting in educator growth and development.

Thanks, Downtown College Prep—we agree!

What’s Actually Changed?*

Now, on every Sketch observation summary page there is a new “View Notes” button. Educators and observers alike can access the observation script here.

*Important Note: This new feature is a custom setting that can be switched on and off based on your preferences.

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