November 2016 Instructional Leadership Must-Reads


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Finding Deeper Meaning in Teacher Evaluation: 3 Oregon Districts Stories, via The LaunchPad

"When it comes to these informal classroom walkthroughs, the collaborative feedback process between teacher and observer is crucial."

10 Simple Strategies for Creating a Better PD Program, via Edutopia

"Peer observation creates an environment where collegial relationships are more readily formed, more ideas are shared, and instruction is more well-informed."

Professional Learning Communities Aren't Just for Teachers, via Education Week

"Through participation in a professional learning community, superintendents and administrators have the opportunity to learn new, evidence-based practices related to the digital transition."

High-Performance Instructional Conversations: How to Make Change Stick, via The LaunchPad

"School leaders collect evidence during a teacher observation that can inform their post-observation conversations, but they can also use the evidence-gathering step to better understand their teachers’ instructional decision-making processes."

School Leaders Use Job-Embedded PD for Real Learning and Growth, via The Center for Educational Leadership

After an evaluation it's encouraged to "not list a prescription of improvement", but focus on a deep, impactful conversation involving the teacher to work together on areas of focus for instructional growth.

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