Q&A: How Might Social Distancing Affect Future Learning and Coaching?

In a recent #educoach Twitter chat, Kathy Perret asked us how we think the current reality of distance learning and social distancing might impact the landscape of education and coaching moving forward. Read on for the top six most-engaged answers from your peers, and be sure to leave your own thoughts below! 👇

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4 Key Mindsets for Coaching Remotely

Coaching and leading remotely is a new challenge for most instructional coaches, and it requires a shift in the way we think and carry out our daily routines. Stephanie Affinito, literacy education professor at the University at Albany in New York, is back with some of her must-have attributes of ICs working remotely.

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Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 18: May 1, 2020

We wrapped up April with some traits that coaches should refine when working remotely, a bunch of questions that promote reflection, one IC's favorite blogs and resources on virtual coaching, and more. Enjoy! 👍

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April 2020 Instructional Coaching Must-Reads

April's Weekly Coaching Roundups offered a bundle of fresh articles that we picked just for you! 🌷Read below to learn the best of the best on remote coaching, staying connected with teachers in new digital ways, keeping your sanity while working from home, the importance of affirmation, and more. Enjoy! 😁

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Weekly Coaching Mega Roundup: Remote Coaching and Teaching

Welcome back to TeachBoost's Coaching Roundup. Fair warning: this one is double stuffed with remote coaching and learning tips for everyone! 💻 Top up your mug and read on for some more great insights on remote work and distance learning.

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3 Traits to Cultivate When You're Coaching Remotely

Vicki Collet, Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas, recommends three traits that coaches should refine when working remotely.

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Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 16: April 17, 2020

Learn why being courageous is a must-have skill for any coach; a few tips for staying resilient while working remotely; how TeachBoost Coach makes it easy for ICs to stay organized, manage video conferencing, and build relationships; and more. Enjoy! 😁

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Share This! 3 Quick Tips for Remote Coaching

With the help of technology, coaches are able to support teachers virtually as they adapt to distance learning. TeachBoost's own, Dave Reid, shares some tips on how you can take advantage—don't forget to print it out and hang it up! 📌

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Guide: Remote Coaching with TeachBoost Coach

As schools and districts across the world shift to distance learning, coaches continue to search for tips and tools for remote coaching. One way coaches are tackling their work through these major changes is with our new tool, TeachBoost Coach. Read on to learn how we can help you stay organized, support video conferencing, and build relationships. 👍

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Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 15: April 10, 2020

This week we learned why affirmation and acknowledgement fosters strong coaching relationships, a few quick tips for remote coaching, the value of vulnerability and trust between a teacher and coach, and more. Enjoy! 🐰

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