Personalized PD Webinar: "How to Be An Inspirational Leader"

 Thanks to those who joined us early today for the second webinar in TeachBoost's Personalized Professional Development Webinar Series, "How to Be An Inspirational Instructional Leader."

Our host, Dr. Danny Brassell, was as entertaining, engaging, and insightful as ever. He shared his 3 RuLeS for inspirational leadership, and taught us all a thing or two about what our thumbs say about who we are. 

Intrigued? View the archived webinar here and above.

You can review the full webinar schedule here, and use the hashtag #PersonalizedPD to follow along and contribute to the discussion. If you'd like to learn how we support personalized PD, check out the TeachBoost LIbrary:

Download your free  library walkthrough!

We hope you'll join us next week! 


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