Personalized PD Webinar: "Activity, Engagement, Reflection: Delivering Meaningful Professional Development"


Thanks to those who joined us early today for the third webinar in our personalized professional development series!


One of the things we love about the webinar series is that our hosts focus on delivering practical, actionable information to participants. Justin's stands out as a prime example—there are clear takeaways for all listeners interested in boosting the relevance, rigor, and sustained impact of professional development.


One of the biggest lessons from today's session: In order to personalize professional development, school leaders need to reference real-time data on teachers' instructional strengths and needs. Keep your eye out for a TeachBoost report cameo—we happen to be experts at surfacing observation data insights. ;)


Watch the archived webinar here and below.


View the full webinar schedule here, and use the hashtag #PersonalizedPD to follow along and contribute to the discussion. We hope you'll join us next week!


Topics: Webinar, Instructional Leadership, Personalized Professional Development

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