Personalized PD Webinar: "Why Personalized PD Is More Important Than Ever"


Our Personalized Professional Development Webinar Series has begun!


This afternoon, Ben Wilkoff of Denver Public Schools and Alex Hernandez of the Charter School Growth Fund participated in a panel entitled "Why Personalized PD Is More Important Than Ever." Take a look at the archived webinar here and below.


I can't stress how helpful this webinar is for educators thinking about tailoring professional learning opportunities for themselves, their peers, and their staff. Alex and Ben provided great real-world examples of successful PPD practices, and offered actionable advice on how to get started making the cultural and practical shifts necessary to help teachers forge their own path to mastery.


Use the hashtag #PersonalizedPD to follow along and contribute to the discussion.


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live event—we appreciate your participation and hope you'll join us for more webinars in our series. If you'd like to learn more about how we support personalized PD, check out the TeachBoost Library:

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