Starting Off 2015 With A New Feature Release!

Welcome to 2015! We’ve got lots to talk about, starting with a feature release that affects all educators on the TeachBoost's instructional leadership platform.

We Support All Coaching Models

Coaching and mentorship programs vary greatly from district to district. Just as we support your existing observation and evaluation practices by customizing our platform to fit with your existing processes, we’ve revamped our coaching tool so that it is more flexible and adaptable than ever.

We facilitate:

  • Coaching for teachers, school leaders, and district administrators.
  • Private conversations between coaches/mentors and the educators they support.
  • Caseload personalization (i.e. who needs what, and when).

In action: A district has a team of three coaches that work throughout their seventeen schools. Coaches can easily visit each site and record private or "public" (visible by school or district administrators) conversations with the educators they support.

Introducing the Teacher Dashboard

Teachers, your accounts got a significant upgrade. The Dashboard offers high-level stats on forms, schedules, and performance, while also offering you one-click access to more in-depth data.

Your Overview

TeachBoost Teacher Overview

  • Review all the observation forms that have been completed for you.
  • Review all the observation forms you started.

Upcoming Observations

  • See upcoming observations and peer visits.
  • Schedule your self-reflections and peer observations.
  • Set up a one-way sync with your existing calendar.

Your Performance Profile

TeachBoost Performance Profile

  • Monitor your professional growth throughout the year.
  • Build and contribute to a goal portfolio
  • Toggle between forms that have been completed by you and for you.

TeacherBoost Observer Profile

Our revamped accounts better reflect the reality that teachers wear multiple hats (instructional coaches, peer observers, and self reflectors, to name a few).

  • Manage your diverse roles in a single location.
  • Understand how you’re growing over time.
  • Collaborate with others who may be working in PLCs or instructional coaching groups.

Schedule time with your engagement specialist to learn more and get a guided tour of the new features!

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