Summer Update from the TeachBoost Team

Summer Beach


riting this weekly blog is one of our favorite ways to stay connected to you and all the coaches who are working tirelessly to support teachers and students across the country. This community is a place that continues to inspire, uplift, and inform our work every day. Thank you!

We're taking the summer to reset and recalibrate how we're thinking about The Launchpad blog. Our plan is to come back in the fall with fresh content and opportunities for connection that reflect this unique moment in education--where leaders and coaches are rising to new levels to help teachers learn, grow, and thrive.

While we pause, we want to offer up some other great places for you to continue to learn:

  • Instructional Coach Academy: A community of ICs and coordinators who share best practices, reflections, and learnings on all things instructional coaching through blog posts and a youtube channel.
  • Instructional Coaching Group: Coaching resources, tools, videos, presentations, research articles, and more collected from Jim Knight and the Radical Learners blog.
  • Buzzing with Ms. B: Blog posts, resources, and podcasts on instructional coaching from Literacy Coach Chrissy Beltran.
  • Edutopia: Founded by the George Lucas Foundation, this website provides articles on a wide range of educational topics, including instructional coaching, professional learning, administration & leadership, and social-emotional learning to name a few.
  • The Coaching Sketchbook: Stephanie Affinito's, Staff Associate in the Department of Literacy Teaching and Learning at the University at Albany and a frequent guest blogger of TeachBoost, site that offers toolkits for PD and virtual coaching, coaching Pinterest boards, and even a Facebook community to collaborate with peers.
  • BarkleyPD: Educational consultant and author Steve Barkley's website includes a weekly blog post, podcasts, and resources for teachers, coaches, and administrators.
  • Simply Coaching & Teaching: Founded by Nicole Turner, Simply Coaching & Teaching is a vibrant community dedicated to educating, enabling, and empowering instructional coaches and teachers to reduce overwhelm through simple processes and supportive communities. We’re a sponsor at the annual Simply Coaching Summit, coming up July 11-13. Grab your spot here!

Have a wonderful and restorative summer! ☀️

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