TeachBoost Travel Journal: Iowa

Last week I crossed the state of Iowa in my rental car, on a mission to find out how we can support IA schools and districts in their efforts to improve educator effectiveness, recruit and retain high-quality talent for their classrooms, and bolster instructional leadership at all levels.

Here are some of the highlights from my trip:

  • I visited school, district, and AEA-level administrators in Dallas Center/Grimes, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Council Bluffs, Onawa, Sloan, and Sioux City, as well as the Iowa Educators Consortium.
  • TeachBoost is widely regarded as a technology platform that will enhance the work school systems are already doing to improve teacher quality and develop better educators.
  • As I traversed the state, I enjoyed watching farmers harvest hundreds of miles of corn fields. The landscape is far different from the cityscape I see from my window at TeachBoost HQ.

TeachBoost Iowa Roadshow

There's an element to face-to-face interactions that can't be fully replicated through remote channels. While we primarily work with eduators via webinars, conference calls, and video chats, it was a refreshing change to visit with people, tour their schools, and chat with their staff. It also reminds me why we encourage our schools to use TeachBoost to supplement in-person conversations, rather than replace them.

Our instructional leadership platform is built to enable and enhance the live, in-person experience, helping instructional leaders to get into more classrooms, more frequently and easily, and provide more meaningful feedback based on direct observations of teaching practices.

I'm looking forward to visiting Iowa again to increase the depth and breadth of our work across the state.

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