Weekly Coaching Roundup: April 22nd, 2019

This week we enjoyed a coach's reflection on his transition back into the classroom, learned how "data walls" create a culture of collaboration, read about a district's journey creating a successful coaching program, and more!

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A District's Coaching Journey: From Implementation to Advancement

Are you looking to build a coaching program or implement video into your current mix? Steven Montemarano, coordinator of learning at Livonia Central School District, reflects on what it took to build a program from the ground up and how his district now uses video to complement ongoing efforts.

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My Journey From Coach Back to Teacher Specialist

Jason MacDonald, elementary school teacher and former instructional coach, reflects on how his experience as an IC paved his transition back into the classroom as not just a teacher, but a teacher specialist.

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Weekly Coaching Roundup: March 18th, 2019

This week we learned about the importance of confidentiality in coaching, types of coaching models and why it's important to choose the right one, ways to encourage influential teachers share their skills, and more!

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Successes Through Coach and Principal Collaboration

Grace Worrell and Melissa Llano, instructional coach and principal at Franklin Park School District in Illinois, reflect on their collaborative partnership together built on trust and respect.

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From Coached to Coach: Where Do We Begin?

Maggie Colicchio, instructional coach from Alliance City Schools in Ohio, reflects on her experiences transitioning from being coached as a teacher to becoming an instructional coach herself.

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July 2018 Instructional Coaching Must-Reads


July grilled up a smörgåsbord of coaching articles this month! Enjoy the top articles from the past few weekly coaching roundups below and learn about the loneliness of coaching, some reflections from a year of coaching, how to make coaching a collaborative effort, and more.

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February 2018 Instructional Coaching Must-Reads

February was teeming with instructional coaching content! We ran out of room in our weekly coaching roundup and have some must-read articles today on establishing a coaching role with school leadership, principal and coach agreements, how to become a reflective coach, reasons why instructional coaching can fall short, and more. Enjoy!

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Watch Our Coaching Talk Webinar Recap and Learn How to Begin Your Coaching Journey! 

Ellen Eisenberg, experienced coach and mentor, and recently transitioned coach, Kristy Louden, cover what it takes to successfully launch a coaching role from the ground up.

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Establishing My Coaching Role With the School Leadership Team

My First Year - Header.png

Jason MacDonald, instructional coach from Alberta, Canada, shares his 3 tips for establishing a coaching role with the school leadership team and how to address teacher-coach confidentiality.

For more posts from instructional coaches, for instructional coaches, please check out our recent posts from the TeachBoost series entitled: "Your Coaching Toolbox".

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