Weekly Coaching Roundup: July 8th, 2019

This week we learned how one district effectively leveraged community partnerships, a few ways a coach can prepare for the upcoming school year, tips for coaching a reader's workshop, characteristics of teachers' learning, and more!

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Topics: Instructional Coaching, Coaching Roundup, PLCs, Personalized Learning, Partnership, Principal and Coach, Mission and Vision, New School Year Preparation, Transparency

From Coached to Coach: Where Do We Begin?

Maggie Colicchio, instructional coach from Alliance City Schools in Ohio, reflects on her experiences transitioning from being coached as a teacher to becoming an instructional coach herself.

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Topics: Guest Blogger, First Year as a Coach, Teacher Leadership, Principal and Coach, Culture of Coaching, New School Year Preparation

August's Coaching Roundup: Preparing for the New School Year

With the school year just around the corner, what better time for some insights on how coaches prepare for the new year? These articles appeared in our most recent weekly coaching roundup that we send out out every Wednesday morning. To stay up to date on fresh coaching content, be sure to subscribe to the roundups below. Enjoy!

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