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Peer Coaching Strategies for More Collaborative Partnerships

Ellen Eisenberg, executive director of The Professional Institute for Instructional Coaching, introduces us to some peer coaching concepts and explains how it can support new approaches to school-wide improvement.

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A District's Coaching Journey: From Implementation to Advancement

Are you looking to build a coaching program or implement video into your current mix? Steven Montemarano, coordinator of learning at Livonia Central School District, reflects on what it took to build a program from the ground up and how his district now uses video to complement ongoing efforts.

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Using Video to Advance Coaching

My First Year - Header.png

Tonya Moody, Instructional Coach in Westfield Washington School District in Indiana, highlights her experiences of using video to advance professional learning, create meaningful reflections for growth, and model best practices for teachers.

For more posts from instructional coaches, for instructional coaches, please check out our recent posts from the TeachBoost series, "Your Coaching Toolbox," or read previous posts from the chapter, "First Year As a Coach."

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November 2017 Instructional Leadership Must-Reads

With the Holiday season upon us, there is a lot to be thankful for—family, friends, even must-reads! Induldge in some refreshing articles on personalizing PD, principles for outstanding classroom management, having difficult coaching conversations, the hidden secret to success with instructional coaching, boosting teacher morale, and more. Enjoy!

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Personalizing PD: Moving Beyond "Sit and Get"

Dr. Kristin Schulze, instructional coach from Greenville School District in South Carolina, shares six of her tips for personalizing professional development to more effectively develop teachers and gain buy-in beyond compliance.

For more experiences, skills, and tools from instructional coaches visit our original series, "Your Coaching Toolbox": resources, tips, and reflections for instructional coaches, by instructional coaches.

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Topics: Guest Blogger, Personalized Professional Development, PD, Your Coaching Toolbox, Instructional Coaching, Listening Skills

Mid-Year Reviews: Setting Tailored Goals and Actionable Next Steps

Last time we talked about the importance of mid-year reviews: how they can encourage strong end-of-year finishes and growth by identifying master teachers and future leaders.  Now you might be asking yourself, “what comes next?”

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PD Planning for Spring? Use TeachBoost to Make Data-Driven Decisions!

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From Ineffective PD to Opportunity Culture

EducationNext has a great piece out this week, one of the many responses to TNTP's report on teacher development. Check out the part that struck the deepest chord with us:

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KIPP San Antonio: A TeachBoost Case Study

We're proud to release our case study on KIPP San Antonio's transformative instructional leadership program. 

Read KIPP San Antonio's Story!

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Top 3 Reasons to Attend EdTech Collaborative’s Personalized Learning Summit

We've written in the past about how students think educators should engage in daily edtech "me time." This week, EdTech Collaborative is hosting their 3rd annual Personalized Learning Summit in Chicago, where you can fit a months' worth of me time into a single afternoon!

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