How 3 Instructional Leaders Prepare for the End of the Year

As school and district leaders approach the end of the 2015–2016 school year, they face the gargantuan task of wrapping up one school year while simultaneously planning for the year ahead. With end-of-year preparations underway, final observations/evaluations to complete, and reams of data to analyze, there’s a lot going on!

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Webinar: Instructional Leadership and Your District's Strategic Plan

Ross Vittore, Director of Innovative Learning from Illinois' CCSD59, hosted a fascinating webinar on how his district leverages teacher observations, instructional coaching, and personalized PD to help them achieve their ambitious, multi-year strategic vision.

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Webinar: Leveraging Teacher Evaluations for Professional Growth

Montevideo Public Schools' leadership team led an engaging webinar on how their educators leveraged Minnesota's new teacher evaluation mandates as a springboard to achieving authentic growth and sustainable success. 

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NEW Webinar! Leveraging Instructional Leadership at CCSD59

Join CCSD59's Director of Innovative Learning for our upcoming webinar, "Painting a Richer Picture of Educator Growth."

  • Date: Wednesday, March 2nd
  • Time: Noon Central (1 p.m. Eastern)
Register here!

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NEW Webinar! Professional Growth at Montevideo Public Schools


Are you interested in leveraging evaluations to move the needle on teacher effectiveness?

Join the leadership team at Montevideo Public Schools on their upcoming webinar, "Reaching Beyond Compliance." 

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5 Ways Instructional Leaders Can Foster Growth Mindset in Teachers

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Guest Post: 5 Tips for Asking Better Questions after Teacher Observations

Picture yourself sitting down to have a reflecting conversation with a teacher you just observed teaching a lesson. The conversation is going well; the teacher shares that she thought the lesson went okay, basically the way she had planned.

To help the teacher explore her practice more deeply, when the teacher finishes sharing you ask, “So what would you do differently next time?”

Suddenly the teacher’s posture changes.

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TeachBoost Announces Partnership with Oakland Unified School District

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Oakland Unified School District. OUSD will use TeachBoost to implement, manage, and gauge the effectiveness of its educator growth and development systems.  

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Instructional Leader Shares What Matters Most in the Classroom

The Instructional Leadership Challenge surpassed 3,000 school and district participants earlier this year and continues to grow.

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A Rock-n-Roll Walkthrough Framework for Back-to-School Season

Want to engage your teachers and offer meaningful feedback on instructional practices from day one of the school year? Here's one way to do it while having some great fun!

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