Crafting Your Coaching Approach

Katie Biggs and Hanna Schramm, who support and develop the instructional coaching program for Comal ISD in Texas, explore three ways to hone your craft by building relationships, diversifying your toolkit, and empowering educators.

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September 2020 Instructional Coaching Must-Reads

The official start of fall and the 2020-21 school year is here! 🍂 Check out the top articles from September's Weekly Coaching Roundups and learn some discussion tips to engage students, a few ways ICs can cultivate compassion, how one coach re-frames trust-building as a continuous cycle of self-reflection and reaching out, strategies for admins to increase their teachers' confidence in remote learning, and more. Enjoy!

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Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 36: September 4, 2020

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! Start it out strong by learning how one coach re-frames trust-building, the impact of a personalized and blended learning model, why peer-to-peer learning is so powerful for students, and more. Enjoy!

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Building Trust: Going Inward to Go Outward

Before we can focus on relationships with others, we must first look inside ourselves. Carolyn Beardsley, instructional coach in Austin, Texas, re-frames trust-building as a continuous cycle of self-reflection and reaching out to others.

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Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 44: November 1, 2019

This week we covered the importance of trust and taking the time to develop teachers, how questions are at the core of coaching interactions, why it's important to encourage risk-taking among staff, activities that promote collaboration during PD sessions, and more!

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Managing Relationships: The Power of Follow-Up

Lauren Smith, instructional coach in Noblesville Schools in central Indiana, explains the delicate nature of relationships for the learning process and tips for honing on-going relationships throughout the year.

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Watch Our 3rd Coaching Talk Webinar on Questioning Techniques for Coaches

Ellen Eisenberg, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching (PIIC), and Dana Kramaroff, instructional coach from Boyertown Area SD in Pennsylvania, covered questioning techniques for advancing the coaching conversation as a means to promote teacher reflection in March's Coaching Talk webinar.

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New Webinar! Questioning Techniques to Advance the Coaching Session

TeachBoost partnered with Ellen Eisenberg and Dana Kramaroff for the third webinar of our 2018 coaching series on March 28th at 6pm EDT.

View the Recording!

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My First Coaching Session

My First Year - Header.png

TeachBoost continues to learn—and share—experiences, skills, and tools from instructional coaches in our new chapter in the "Your Coaching Toolbox" series, "First Year as a Coach."

Billy Spicer, Instructional Coach from Lake Zurich CUSD95 in Illinois, shares the importance of effective communication within a coaching meeting, making a habit of empathizing with others, and how to grow your professional learning network.

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Supporting Teachers Through Instructional Coaching Cycles

TeachBoost continues to learn—and share—experiences, skills, and tools from instructional coaches for our series, "Your Coaching Toolbox": resources, tips, and reflections for instructional coaches, by instructional coaches.

Shawn Churchill, Instructional Coach at Anderson High School in Indiana, shares her experiences using instructional coaching cycles with her teachers and the power of co-teaching to model instruction.

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