Webinar: Leveraging Teacher Evaluations for Professional Growth

Montevideo Public Schools' leadership team led an engaging webinar on how their educators leveraged Minnesota's new teacher evaluation mandates as a springboard to achieving authentic growth and sustainable success. 

 Learn first-hand from your peers:

  • How to customize an evaluation system to fit the culture of your district, meet the needs of your educators, and comply with changing requirements.
  •  How to set meaningful success metrics for year 1 and beyond.
  •  The importance of adopting a centralized system for formal and informal observations for your teachers and leaders.
  • The power of making data-driven decisions around educator strengths and needs based on a complete picture of performance and growth.

We're grateful to work districtwide with Montevideo to help them achieve their goal of adding value to teacher evaluations.

If you enjoyed this webinar, you'll also love our March 2nd webinar, "Painting a Richer Picture of Educator Growth," featuring CCSD59!

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Topics: Webinar, Teacher Evaluation, Teacher Observation

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