Q&A: How Do ICs Follow-Up with Teachers after PD?

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Ashley Taplin reached out to her coaching peers on Twitter via #educoach to ask how they follow-up with teachers after PD to ensure the learning continues. We thought this question was so great that we retweeted it! Below are some of the responses from ICs to Ashley and TeachBoost on how they stay connected with teachers. πŸ˜€

Ashley Taplin
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How do you follow up with teachers after a PD to continue to support the learning? #educoach

Fiona Hurtado likes to tailor her approach around professional goals:

Fiona Hurtado
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Replying to @AshleyPTaplin

In the past, when I was in a coaching team, we had a strategic approach: we planned follow-up sessions in small groups if it had been a whole-school PD, or if it was solo-PD then it was built into professional goals so a continuing talking-point. #educoach

Lauren Smith believes giving teachers a voice and ownership in their learning is key:

Lauren Smith
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Replying to @AshleyPTaplin

Giving teachers and staff ownership in their learning and next steps is important. With voice and choice, a coach can differentiate support while also honoring the partnerships they form with teachers and teams. I always appreciate their feedback. #educoach

Angela Buckingham uses exit slips and questions to gather teacher insight:

Nicole Millam
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Replying to @AshleyPTaplin

We use exit slips: What’s one thing you're committed to trying and what support do you need? Then, we use their responses as a springboard for follow-up support. #educoach

Chris DeRemer focuses on implementation, feedback, and revision to change practice:

Chris DeRemer
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Replying to @AshleyPTaplin

I follow the 25 hour rule. Ts should a minimum of 25 hours of learning, implementation, feedback and revision on implementation to change practice. That means less new learning and more practice and feedback on what was taught. #educoach

Jenna Moller asks teachers what they're going to implement as a result of their PD:

Jenna Moller
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Replying to @TeachBoost

As an IC, I would ask Ts at the end of PD what learning they were going to implement into their lessons as a result of the PD... 2-3 weeks later, I would email them & ask how the strategy went, if I could come see it in action, etc. It was extremely effective! @AshleyPTaplin

How do you follow-up with teachers after PD?
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