Later this month, I'm headed down to the sold-out CUE Fall Conference, where California educators will gather to learn and share about all things edtech and next-generation learning.

The highlight of this year's event will be Downtown College Prep's session, "Connecting the Dots: Instructional Coaching Insights from San Jose Charters." TeachBoost has had the pleasure of working with Downtown College Prep for the past two school years, and they've been a fantastic partner, inspiring us to build new features into our observation platform that better support coaching.

DCP's instructional leadership specialist Maria Baeza sat for an interview with me last year—listen to learn how their focus on instructional leadership has opened the door to better teacher-administrator communication, more frequent peer collaboration, and a stronger, more unified vision for school-wide improvement.

Here are the conference details:

If you're planning to attend CUE, be sure to check out DCP's session. And if you'd like to chat with us at the conference, reach out!