• The Coaching Approach to Adult Learning

    TeachBoost Team

    Jennifer Lane, master teacher at Hubbard Middle School in Tyler, Texas, applies the adult learning theory to coaching and explains how it can be used to engage reluctant educators in continued professional learning.

  • Using Checklists and Guiding Questions in Coaching

    TeachBoost Team

    Jennifer Wood, 4th grade ELAR teacher in Richardson ISD in Texas, shares ideas for goals during coaching cycles and guiding questions to support creating your own coaching checklist when working with teachers.

  • 5 Tips for Asking Better Questions after Teacher Observations

    TeachBoost Team

    Picture yourself sitting down to have a reflecting conversation with a teacher you just observed teaching a lesson. The conversation is going well; the teacher shares that she thought the lesson went okay, basically the way she had planned.

    To help the teacher explore her practice more deeply, when the teacher finishes sharing you ask, “So what would you do differently next time?”

    Suddenly the teacher’s posture changes.

  • Social-Emotional Coaching: Supporting the Stages of Change

    TeachBoost Team

    Lindsey Frank, the district-wide climate and social-emotional learning coach for Community Consolidated School District 59 in Illinois, shares strategies for understanding and supporting the social and emotional needs of adults—both in partnerships and coaching cycles—in order to impact student learning.

  • Tools & Templates

    Coaching Choice Boards

    TeachBoost Team

    Teachers learn best when they're given a voice and a choice in their professional learning. Pam Hubler, instructional coach in South Carolina, shares how she creates opportunities for teachers to choose their level of coaching support through the use of Coaching Choice Boards, and how you can build your own!