Weekly Coaching Roundup: April 29th, 2019

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - April 2019 (Half) (Seasonal)

This week we learned about the yearly ups and downs that coaches face, playing Bingo to advance partnerships, the benefits of data walls, how one coach used their experience to ease their transition back into the classroom, and more!

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How to Build and Advance Partnerships: Bingo!

Lindsay Deacon recommends playing Bingo to motivate coaches to try new things, learn on their own, and step out of their comfort zone.

"Many of the coaches I work with have pinned their Bingo card next to their desk as a daily reminder to feed their own learning. Coaches have also reported that the visual encouraged them to try something new and feel energized to invest in their own learning, even when they were losing steam. The Bingo card is an example of an extrinsic motivator that serves to remind coaches of the important intrinsic motivators that us as coaches."

Supporting Coaches Through the Ups and Downs

Shannon Hamm reflects on the yearly rollercoaster that coaches face and how each twist plays a vital role in the coach's journey.

"Coaches, like teachers, have ebbs and flows throughout the school year. If you're in a district where coaching is voluntary, there are going to be times when you have an influx of teachers seeking support and you may need to turn people away because your schedule doesn't allow for it. Then, there will be times when you are practically begging people to let you coach them. . . . In those moments when you're not as busy, think creatively of ways you can increase participation: reach out to teachers personally and through email, plan ahead on professional development you'll be presenting, go out and visit classrooms!"

Data as an IC: Creating a Data Room

Nikki Turner dives into the ways that data and goals go hand-in-hand and why they should be displayed, physically or virtually.

"As an instructional coach, you are expected to keep track of teacher growth as well as student growth throughout the school year. . . . Whether you choose to a do a physical or a virtual Data Room, it's important to display and distribute data regularly so teachers keep their goals at the forefront of their teaching. In addition to keeping data available, make sure you keep resources available. By keeping the data available, you are giving teachers the resources they need to succeed."

Year-End Goal Setting

Steve Barkley encourages teachers to collaborate with one another to set goals, review student work, and create a team culture.

"Find the people that bring you joy! They may be other coaches in your district or surrounding districts, but regardless of where they are, connect with them. At some point you will need them for the good or the bad. Some of the things that you go through on your coaching journey, can only really be understood by another coach. Surrounding yourself with these people is supper important in order to help you weave through tough situations and share great ideas."

A Reflection on Coaching

Kaneland Coaches talk about one of their peer's upcoming transitions back into the classroom next year and how their work as a coach will pave the way for success with students.

"As I head back into the classroom next year, I can look back at the experience I received as an Instructional Coach. I can also look at all the possibilities that have been opened up for me. . . . My goal is to bring the knowledge that I have received over the last two years to the classroom and to my newest teammates. I can't wait!"

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