Weekly Coaching Roundup: November 12th, 2018

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Weekly Coaching Roundup 11-12-2018 (Half)

Our latest Weekly Coaching Roundup explores some ways to perfect your presentational skills, tips for creating your own teacher leadership successes, how to make feedback more impactful, and more. Enjoy!

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Honing Your Presentation Skills

Cailin Minor shares 10 go-to moves coaches can use while presenting in PD sessions, trainings, and even working with an individual teacher.

"Story telling is a powerful tool to use when presenting. Whenever I see people nodding along while I'm doing a workshop, it's usually when I'm telling a story or giving personal examples. Sometimes the stories are long, and sometimes they are short anecdotes or real life examples that highlight what we're learning."

The Adventure and Impact of Teacher Leadership

Danny Medved provides 5 tips to consider when creating your own teacher leadership successes, all based on his own experiences and mentorship.

"One of the greatest gifts of the first school community I was a part of was the leadership and support I received from my mentor, principal, and instructional coach. These mentors gave me feedback, let me fail forward without judgment, provided opportunities for me to stretch, and pointed me to initial areas to lead."

Defining Instructional Coaching: It Matters

Steve Barkley reflects on the role of an instructional coach and the value of a shared understanding between a principal and coach.

"The common ground for deciding about investing in instructional coaching really should be the degree to which one believes that changing teacher learning, beliefs and skill development will produce increased student learning outcomes. To assess the value of instructional coaching, its critical to know 'how coaches' time is spent.' Principal/coach partnerships need to match coaches' time usage to desired outcomes."

Making Feedback Meaningful

Kaneland Coaches differentiate the types of feedback in education and how they can be implemented in the classroom.

"We all need feedback of some sort, any sort. . . . We are constantly offering feedback in our everyday activities, whether it be self-reflected, from a peer, or from someone guiding us. So, how don't we make it more meaningful in our classrooms?"

Instructional Coaches Got Game

ASCD highlights the research of Matthew Kraft and David Blazar on the impact of instructional coaching and the growth of coaching implementations nationwide.

"Researchers Matthew Kraft and David Blazar examined what 60 studies showed about the efficacy of coaching for strengthening teachers and lifting student achievement. . . . Coaching, they estimate, has a more positive effect—in terms of improving teachers' abilities to deliver content and concepts—than traditional PD methods."

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