The school year’s in full swing, and based on our interactions with you all this past month, it looks like you’re off to a flying start!

Since Labor Day, your TeachBoost engagement team have:

  • Resolved 211 support requests
  • Sent 389 emails
  • Spent 37 hours, 40 minutes on the phone
  • Trained 30 schools
  • Enjoyed at least 120 cups of coffee

We’re also excited to say we reached our highest-ever count of concurrent TeachBoost users on Monday, September 15: 113 at once! We’re thrilled that so many teachers and school leaders are engaging with TeachBoost from the get-go, and we can’t wait to see where the year takes you.

After the dust settles, expect to hear from us regularly as we help you make the most of your TeachBoost account. On the blog, we’ll be highlighting new features that were inspired by our schools, so please get in touch if you’ve got big ideas.


Kate & Amy, your engagement team