Important Updates to Getting Help!

Picture of Jason DeRoner

Today we unveiled several important platform updates that improve the way you seek and receive help from TeachBoost. Here's what you'll notice:

  1. We simplified the toolbar.

We’ve gone from many entry points to a single one. There’s no need to make a decision on what button to click—all of your help options are in one spot!

  1. We built a central repository to get you to the right resource quicker and more intuitively.


  • Emergency? Can't find your notes? Start a Live Chat or email the support team.
  • Need to add a template? Create a group? Move a teacher? Create a ticket to get the fastest help possible directly from your account manager.
  • Want to learn how to do something on your own? Go to the Help Center, where you'll find hundreds of resources detailing the ins and outs of the TeachBoost platform.
  • Have a suggestion or find a bug? Create a ticket to deliver your message straight to the development team. If it makes it to the platform, watch out for your shout-out ;).

As much as we’d focused on building a great user experience on the TeachBoost platform, we neglected to craft a similar experience for getting help. With greater customization available to TeachBoost’s schools and districts, these updates ensure that complexity does not get in the way of an accurate answer to a question or a speedy resolution to a problem.

Today’s improvements are the first step in ensuring TeachBoost support remains an amazing experience. And like any updates to TeachBoost, it’s a result of your direct feedback. We encourage you to keep it coming!


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