August's Coaching Roundup: Preparing for the New School Year

Weekly Coaching Roundup - August Topic Blog

With the school year just around the corner, what better time for some insights on how coaches prepare for the new year? These articles appeared in our most recent weekly coaching roundup that we send out out every Wednesday morning. To stay up to date on fresh coaching content, be sure to subscribe to the roundups below. Enjoy!

The First Few Weeks of School

Kristin Houser reflects on thinking like a teacher to prepare for a year of coaching.

"Get to know the teachers you're going to work with, like really get to know them. [...] There's no better time than the beginning of a new year, to make a strong, positive, and lasting impression with teachers you'll be working with."

Tips for Driving Improved Teaching and Learning

Ellen Eisenberg provides six guiding reminders for beginning your coaching interactions.

"Knowing that we need to continue driving the movement for improved teaching and learning, [...] remember, be transparent and always reiterate your role as a non-evaluative, confidential learning partner."

Reminders for the Start of a Great Year

Beth Moore shares the "ABCs" of literacy coaching.

" Each year, I renew my commitment to spend as much time as possible in classrooms side-by-side with teachers. There's important work to do outside the classroom, but it is the work in classrooms that will move a school."

Tips for New Instructional Coaches

Chrissy Beltran offers insights for new coaches beginning their journey—or reminders for experienced coaches.

"Instructional Coaching is incredibly rewarding and interesting; each day is a new challenge to figure out with my colleagues. [...] So make sure you and your principal or admin are on the same page. It will make a huge difference in how both of you see your purpose and productivity!"

How to Make Coaching a Team Sport

Vicki Collet covers the importance of empathy and suggestions for building relationships with new staff.

"Let the teacher choose the focus and the type of feedback she needs. A sense of control is important to adult learners, and there are probably other situations in an early-career teacher's day that feel out of her control."

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