Weekly Coaching Roundup: September 2nd, 2019

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - September 2019 (Half) (Seasonal)

Find out how one coach prepares for a year of coaching, get some new questions to consider when setting up your own coaching space, see one coach's take on what they do day-to-day, and more!

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A Coach's Guide for School Year Preparations

Robyn Hartzell shares some of her techniques that not only help organize a coach's work but promote effective communication throughout the coaching process as well.

"Since it's almost impossible to conquer everything at once, we have to target our coaching for the best results. I've found that narrowing my attention to three basic areas and creating some standard questions to guide my observations and conversations helps tremendously. The areas I focus my attention on are curriculum and planning, instructional practices and routines, and professional development and resources."

Organizing Coaching Spaces

Stephanie Affinito offers a few questions to consider when setting up your digital or physical coaching space.

"I have the opportunity to work with a vast number of teachers and students as I cross school and district and lines and cultivate connections with teachers. But, I do not have my own coaching space. . . . As I continued my work, I realized that coaching spaces come in many shapes and forms, not just physical locations: phone conversations, emails and virtual zoom sessions, interactions on social media, conversations at lunchtime and in the halls, interactions at workshops and conferences and more. Every interaction has the potential to impact teaching and learning."

What Do I Do All Day?

Virginia Soukup focuses in on just what coaches do day-to-day and how she can better support the teachers she works with.

"This newsletter was created to provide another tool for communicating and providing educational resources and articles that are relevant to our work. . . . The purpose of this first issue is to tell you a little about myself and the many ways I can provide support through coaching. As your Instructional Coach, my role involves partnering with you, the teachers, to provide instructional support in various ways."

Wildly Important Goals: Calm in the Chaos

Christina Podroza reiterates the impact that goal-setting and crystal-clear action steps have on professional growth.

"My Wildly Important Goal for this year is making sure that every learner (adult and child) in my school community ends the year knowing at least one strength they are incredibly talented at. This is not going to be an effort that I can do alone. It will definitely be a team effort including all staff members as well as our parent community. . . . Every time I visit a classroom I'll put a checkmark next to the staff members' name followed by an email with positive feedback."

5 Things Coaches and Principals Can Do Right Now for a Better Partnership

Take a look at what some of our great coaches have said on how to lay the foundation for successful collaboration between ICs and principals.

"Partnership agreements are a fantastic way for principals and coaches to lay out their core responsibilities and create transparency in their work. Whether it's a sitdown conversation or formal agreement, be sure to find time to meet early on to set the tone for a positive partnership throughout the year."

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