Some big developments are brewin’ here at TeachBoost, and we’d like to thank Burlington Public Schools and Tennesse’s Achievement School District for their guidance and feedback.

As districts and networks adopt robust coaching models, instructional leaders’ responsibilities are evolving. Once-siloed administrators are now active members of the teacher effectiveness team, supporting multiple efforts across schools, PLCs, and organizations. For all educators, keeping track of where you are, and what hat you're wearing, can be difficult.

With that in mind, we’ve spent the last few months building out a comprehensive permissions update that allows users to seamlessly transition between roles, groups, and organizations, creating an intuitive, integrated user experience and unifying disparate efforts to improve instructional practice.

We’re excited by the new possibilities, and we can’t to share more details with you all, so stay tuned. Until then, have a great holiday and a happy new year—2015 is going to be amazing.