The 2022 Coaching Impact Report

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Teachers are in crisis. They are leaving education at unprecedented rates. The results shared in this report help to create urgency for educators to build coaching programs that support teachers. The report shines a light on the importance of having access to coaching data which, in turn, helps district leaders to make a rock-solid case for investing in their coaching programs.

The 2022 Coaching Impact Report set out to help education leaders answer this important question: 

How do you know if instructional coaching impacts teaching and learning?

To answer this, we surveyed nearly 100 district leaders and coaches from 86 districts around the country about their coaching programs. We used their thoughtful responses to identify the practices, tools, and trends driving instructional coaching today. The report highlights the bright spots and growth areas that district and instructional leaders need to consider when building a successful, sustainable coaching program. 

In the 2022 Coaching Impact Report you’ll find:

  • How educators view the roles and priorities of coaches
  • The most commonly used coaching models
  • How data is being used (or not) to help drive coaching decisions
  • Commonly used systems and tools for supporting coaching programs
  • 4 actionable recommendations for building your coaching program 

The highlights

  • 75% of survey respondents shared that they see the connection between coaching, teacher growth, and student achievement.
  • 91% agreed that coaches must have the tools to support their work, but 81% do not have the right data or tools.
  • 63% of respondents still use pen & paper to track coaching work.
  • Only 21% of respondents say they always use data to drive coaching decisions.
  • Specialists and coordinators (73%)—even more than district/school leaders (62%)—see the connection between tracking coaching time and focusing efforts to help impact instruction and student achievement.

We need to build our coaching programs to create an environment of continuous learning that positively impacts both teachers and students. We can start by ensuring access to coaching data to measure coaching effectiveness against district goals and mandates. 

We translated what we learned into four recommendations with clear next steps. We hope you explore the report to learn more!

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