• Creating a Vision and Plan for a Coaching Program

    TeachBoost Team

    Leaders and coaches often ask us what resources they can turn to when thinking about building, maintaining, or strengthening their coaching program. We’ve compiled just a few of our favorite articles and research to support you in setting up a vision and plan for your coaching program.

  • 5 Tips for Asking Better Questions after Teacher Observations

    TeachBoost Team

    Picture yourself sitting down to have a reflecting conversation with a teacher you just observed teaching a lesson. The conversation is going well; the teacher shares that she thought the lesson went okay, basically the way she had planned.

    To help the teacher explore her practice more deeply, when the teacher finishes sharing you ask, “So what would you do differently next time?”

    Suddenly the teacher’s posture changes.

  • Reports

    The 2022 Coaching Impact Report

    TeachBoost Team

    Teachers are in crisis. They are leaving education at unprecedented rates. The results shared in this report help to create urgency for educators to build coaching programs that support teachers. The report shines a light on the importance of having access to coaching data which, in turn, helps district leaders to make a rock-solid case for investing in their coaching programs.

  • Product Update: TeachBoost Coach Activity Timeline

    TeachBoost Team

    The TeachBoost Coach product team is always listening to feedback from our customers as we share the common goal of helping instructional leaders measure the time, effort, and impact of their coaching programs. We’re excited to share some exciting updates to the Activity Timeline that are a direct result of the thoughtful feedback we’ve received from coaches and leaders.