Weekly Coaching Roundup: November 26th, 2018

Weekly Coaching Roundup - November 2018 (Seasonal)

Read our latest Weekly Coaching Roundup to learn qualities of great coachees, the impact of learning walks, benefits of co-teaching, and more. Enjoy!

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Co-Teaching: Following the Yellow Brick Road

Dr. Fran Rogers and Austin Greene continue their previous article on the various types of co-teaching with scenarios, solutions, and fluid coaching situations and approaches.

"The beauty of the coaching partnership is that it provides an avenue for counsel and intentional efforts to utilize teachers' strengths. . . . Always remember that co-teaching is beyond co-delivering, modeling, and observing instruction; it requires a solid, student-centered partnership where all parties have a vested interest in student success."

It Takes Two to Tango

Fiona Hurtado defines five qualities of teachers that make them great coachees.

"As we begin thinking about how to clarify the role of coaches and coaching in our school, I'm wondering how we might be able to cast a bright light on these qualities so that the 'partner' aspect in a coaching partnership can be brought into focus. . . . When I think about great coaching relationships, a whole bunch of admirable coachee-qualities rise to the surface."

Embracing the Leader/Coach Paradox

Matt Renwick describes three stances that instructional leaders can take to practice a dual role as leader and coach in their daily work.

"By being curious about the inner workings of our classrooms, I can become more knowledgeable about the practices we currently employ. This stance I take as a coach is the first step in understanding our school's strengths and areas for growth. The information I gather can serve future professional learning experiences."

The Coaching Effect

Christina Podraza reveals 12 fundamental traits of instructional coaches that she learned throughout her coaching career.

"The five years I spent as a coach were the most impactful of my entire career. I grew more as a teacher, learner, and pretty much overall human being in those five years than I ever did in my 13 previous years as an educator. . . . It comes down to 12 foundational tenets that I learned at the beginning of my coaching career and continued to practice, reflect upon and refine."

The Power of Learning With Your Peers

Kendra Murphy expresses the impact of using learning walks to build a connection between teachers and to assist with ongoing dialogue around practice.

"Making time to visit other teachers' classrooms provides a small window of insight into the work they've been doing and builds a connection between teachers. That connection provides an opportunity for ongoing dialogue and learning about strategies, working through challenges, bouncing ideas off one another and more."

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