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Creating a Vision and Plan for a Coaching Program

TeachBoost Team

TeachBoost Team

Leaders and coaches often ask us what resources they can turn to when thinking about building, maintaining, or strengthening their coaching program. We’ve compiled just a few of our favorite articles and research to support you in setting up a vision and plan for your coaching program.

  • 8 Key Elements to Building a Successful Coaching Program

    Jason DeRoner

    8 steps coaching header

    Our team has been working with coaches and district leaders for over 12 years and we've seen the positive impact a successful coaching program can have on teachers, students, and schools. The most effective programs are the ones where the leaders are intentional about building and designing it with teacher support and student outcomes in mind.

  • Establishing Reasonable Expectations With Your IC Supervisor

    Margaret Harris-Shoates

    Header - Harris - Expectations

    Although ICs deserve support from their peers, that's not always what they receive. Margaret Harris-Shoates, district Ed Tech coordinator in Virginia, shares what ICs can and cannot expect from their supervisors and what to do when they are feeling less than supported.

  • Facilitate Teacher-Centered PD with EdCamps

    Jenny Steller

    Steller - Header - EdCamps

    How do you empower your teachers while giving them a voice and choice in their professional learning, you ask? EdCamps! Jenny Steller, instructional coach in Ohio, overviews the EdCamp model for PD and the steps you can take to help your teachers organize their next professional learning session.

  • Four Tips for Effective Coaching Conversations

    Jessica Crawford

    Header - Crawford - Coaching Conversations

    Jessica Crawford, District Literacy Coach in Michigan, highlights four coaching conversation moves she's learned over the years from other leading instructional coaches. Read on for some new ways to help your conversations begin to forge stronger teacher partnerships.

  • Sunshine Carts for Teachers

    Kayleigh Wright

    Header - Wright - Sunshine Carts

    We hope you've had breakfast because this post will leave you hungry! Kayleigh Wright, technology coach in Oregon, delivers a tasteful way to build relationships with teachers and students in your building—with the help of treats! 🍪