Camden City School District Adopts TeachBoost’s Evaluation and Coaching Platform

Camden City School District

TeachBoost today announced a partnership with New Jersey’s Camden City School District (CCSD) to provide its software-based evaluation and coaching system to all teachers and leaders district-wide.

TeachBoost’s suite of observation, coaching, and analytics tools will incorporate CCSD’s current processes and rubrics while also boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of the district’s instructional leadership initiatives:

  • Streamline evaluation workflows.
  • Offer a single platform for teachers to receive feedback from their supervisors and coaches.
  • Report on real-time trends in professional growth.
  • Assess the impact of their evaluation and coaching systems.

“Our experience working with a wide range of districts has given us a deep understanding of the vision of great leadership, and the hurdles great leaders must clear along the way,” says Jason DeRoner, CEO of TeachBoost. “The platform is designed for customization and flexibility, which will allow us to build a system that reflects CCSD’s specific objectives and cultural dynamics.”

CCSD awarded TeachBoost a district-wide contract after releasing a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) for a teacher and principal evaluation system. A committee comprising district administrators, school leaders, and teachers selected TeachBoost for its seamless user experience, its full support of the formal evaluation process at all levels, and its ability to incorporate instructional coaching while still protecting the teacher-coach relationship.

“This represents an exciting opportunity for us to support more than just an annual teacher evaluation process,” adds DeRoner. “CCSD’s vision for educator support is one that brings all instructional leaders to the table in support of educator growth, which aligns closely with our capabilities as an end-to-end instructional leadership platform.”

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