Weekly Coaching Roundup: Introducing Yourself as a Coach

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2021-08 Roundup Header - Introducing Yourself as a Coach

Are you looking for a few pointers on how you can introduce yourself and your coaching role? Well, look no further because your friends here at Teachboost have your back in this month's topic roundup. 😀

Use a Coaching Brochure to Showcase All You Do as a Coach

Brochures are a fantastic way to showcase how your partnership with teachers can help them grow. Casey Watts shares some of her must-have sections to include in your own brochure, as well as some tips for distributing them to teachers.

" We can't ever assume that teachers, or even administrators, understand what we provide as instructional coaches. So, building clarity around our role will allow others to utilize us well, promoting the culture of collaboration needed to unlock the potential inside our schools. . . . Part of building clarity around your role means setting boundaries and stating non-examples is a way to establish this."

Coaching is Served

Kayleigh Wright teaches us how to whip up a coaching menu to help explain your coaching role to teachers and share all of the different ways you can help support them. Bon appétit! 👩‍🍳

"First, I wanted to design something cute to catch people's attention. Second, I needed it to be specific about what I offer as a coach to avoid any guessing or confusion. . . . The structure was easy to create because it was modeled after an actual menu: my appetizers are the little coaching tasks, while my entrées require more time commitment, and the desserts are for the final reflections."

Explaining Your Coaching Role

Chrissy Beltran provides three methods you can use to introduce, or even re-introduce, yourself as an IC.

"If I could go back and have a redo (don't we all want at least a couple of redos?), this is what I'd do instead: I'd explicitly introduce myself and my role to the faculty as a whole. Then I'd reiterate it in grade levels. Then, when I was approaching individuals for coaching work, I'd share it again. . . . ONE BIG IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure you and your principal are on the same page when it comes to your coaching roles and responsibilities. It's important to have a conversation before you introduce your role to your teachers."

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Cookies with the Coach

Casey Watts is back with a three-step process for promoting your position and what you have to offer to both teachers and students. 🍪

"This was a come-and-go event. On the screen in the room I stationed myself, I posted what a coach IS and what a coach IS NOT. I provided a rolling cart of cookies for teachers to grab and take with them. On that bag, I stamped the phrase, 'You've Got This' and also taped a coaching menu of my services to the back. Teachers could take a small bottle of water as well. In addition to giving them all the information about my role as a coach, this gave me an opportunity to get to know them better as professionals."

Celebrate Your Profession with Digital Coaching Cards

If someone asked you to explain your coaching role quickly, could you do it? Stephanie Affinito highlights the benefits of digital coaching cards and why you should create one.

" A digital coaching card represents who and what you are as an educator. It honors the journey that you have taken, the journey you are currently on and even your hopes for the future. It represents your story as an educator and shares that story with others to spark connection, collaboration and inspiration. . . . It tells our story, articulates our coaching role, prompts us to think who we are as coaches and helps us connect and collaborate with others."

Planting Your Coaching Seeds

Kristin Houser walks new ICs through a 5-step process for creating a presentation that overviews their role and instructional coaching.

"If you're new to a building or new in your role, introducing yourself and your instructional coaching program to staff can feel SCARY. Gah! However it's a really important beginning of the year step, as it will provide the foundation for a successful 'culture of coaching' within the school."

Bonus Content! 🎉

My First Year - Header

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