Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 50: December 11, 2020

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - December 2020 (Seasonal)

This week we learned three twists on common coaching activities, barrier-breaking conversation starters, tips for taking control of your remote classrooms, how to overcome planning paralysis, and more. Enjoy! πŸ˜€

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Must-Read πŸ‘‰ Am I Really Coaching?

TeachBoost's own, Dave Reid, shares three twists on common coaching activities that you can implement today beyond one-on-one coaching cycles.

" Setting goals around technology literacy and implementation will havehuge impacts on a teacher's long-term growth. The more tech tools teachers have to integrate into their classroom settings (remote, hybrid, or in-person), the easier they'll be able to connect with an increasingly tech-literate student body."

Post-Conference Blues

Jill Geocaris provides five of her tips to overcome post-conference action planning paralysis.

"I would typically leave conferences feeling excited to implement new ideas and motivated by all of the inspiring people I had a chance to interact with! Then it would hit – post-conference paralysis! Where do I start? . . . In order to ensure we implement our new learning, we must make time to plan to do so. I typically schedule time on the last day of the conference or the first day back in my district to do this. If I traveled a greater distance to the conference, I will often use my flight time to work on this while traveling home."

Coaching to Remove Barriers

Julie Steele covers some questions that can help spark conversations with teachers on how to bring down barriers to expectations, technology, language, and culture.

"When we shift our coaching practices from being teacher-centered to student-centered, we can begin to dismantle the barriers that our school and classroom systems inadvertently exacerbate for our students. . . . With many classrooms being facilitated through online learning platforms, we can continue to coach from a distance to provide teachers with planning and instructional support. Online tools and techniques are essential if we hope to tackle the issues that virtual learning has presented."

Virtual Classroom Management

The Shaped Staff passes along 10 tips to take control of your remote work with students.

"Any veteran teacher can attest to the importance of establishing routines early and following through all year long. But teaching virtually throws all of that for a loop. . . . Remind students that everyone else is in the same position: sitting in front of a computer trying to be a part of the class. You're doing it too, as the teacher!"

What it's Like to Be a Teacher in the COVID–19 Era

Brenda Iasevoli interviewed teachers from around the country to learn what's been going well, some challenges they're facing, and pieces of advice for their teaching comrades.

"Something goes wrong every single day. Those of us who are new to remote learning don't have that toolkit to fix things ourselves. I think it’s all about the attitude you present when things go wrong. It's okay take a breath. Everything can be fixed. Whenever I make a mistake, I announce it. I'll say, 'I just made another mistake! And it’s okay because what did I learn?'"

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