Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 19: May 14th, 2021

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - May 2021 (Seasonal)

This week we learned how to boost teacher confidence through micro-coaching cycles, a 4-step cycle for gathering and analyzing coaching feedback, a few tips for coaching outside your content area, and more. Enjoy!

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Gathering Coaching Feedback

Are you looking for ways to collect feedback on your work but struggling to find a technique that works for you? Jessica Kazigian walks us through her 4-step cycle for collecting and analyzing feedback to help grow your practice.

"The questions that gave me the most information were the ones that asked specifically about particular coaching moves that helped me identify what I was doing and what I wasn't doing yet. The feedback I collected from my coachees helped me better understand where I needed to improve. . . . Ultimately, this is the time I become a researcher and learner, using this knowledge to create coaching moves for future coaching sessions."

Coaching Ourselves with Compassion

Kathy Perret covers six barriers to professional growth and how you can tackle each head-on.

"Teaching and learning as we once knew it has completely changed. We need to find new ways to engage both adult and student learners. Think back to all the new learning you have personally experienced during the pandemic! Please take a moment to pat yourself on the back! I am so proud of how educators have stepped up to the challenge! Our compassionate coaching focus for disruption is ROUTINE."

Coaching Cycles for Quick Wins

Nicole Turner breaks down the four steps of a micro-coaching cycle that ICs can use to boost teacher confidence.

" Micro-coaching cycles have the same key components as full-on coaching cycles. The only difference is that they have a clearer focus. Instead of taking four to six weeks, micro-cycles are completed in one or two. . . . In a longer cycle you might observe-debrief-and intervene multiple times. You might need to discuss more than one strategy, co-plan, and co-teach several classes together. In a micro-cycle, because the goal is more focused, you may only need to address each phase once."

How Might a Coach Respond?

Steve Barkley passes along a few examples of supporting and empathy statements for dealing with challenging teacher remarks.

"When using supporting statements or empathy statements, I find it best to slow down my pace. It's important that my voice and body language communicate that I am listening to what was shared and am being empathetic and supportive. The more you are feeling defensive, the more important it is to slow the pace. You want your response to be thoughtful and reflective."

Engaging in a Cycle of Inquiry

Peter DeWitt explains the six stages of his inquiry cycle and how ICs can use it to spark curiosity in both teachers and themselves.

" It's about de-implementing as much it's about implementing. . . . If we have learned anything during COVID-19 it's that we have to find a balance between academic and social-emotional goals for students and adults. It means that we need to go from crisis teaching and leading to stepping back to understand what we have been through and how we can bring curiosity back to our positions and lives. A cycle of inquiry will help coaches and those they coach reestablish themselves."

Coaching Outside Your Comfort Zone

Kristin Houser shares four pointers for ICs faced with coaching cycles outside of their usual content area.

A habit I've been working on more this year is taking time for reflection at the end of the week to support my learning and growth as an instructional coach. As part of this coaching cycle, I've been reflecting on my coaching moves and feedback for next steps. Were they the right ones? Am I working with the teacher to navigate our work in the right direction? Reflection supports me with any needed course correction, week to week."

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