Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 37: September 17th, 2021

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - September 2021 (Seasonal)

This week we learned the benefits of a high-quality mentor program, how to create a coaching partnership agreement with teachers, four steps for turning your coaching vision into a purpose statement, and more. Enjoy! 👍

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Coaching Partnership Agreements: Teacher and Coach

Once you've established your role with the principal and created your partnership agreement, it's time to create one with the teachers you support. Lindsay Deacon is back with part two of her partnership agreements to teach you how to do just that. 😀

"It cannot be stressed enough that if teachers do not understand the purpose and general responsibilities, the coach's effectiveness will suffer. Without that clarity, teachers will not know how and why to access the coach and may sometimes even develop animosity toward them. . . . Instead of attempting to wrestle several teachers into working with you, make coaching something that is special and select."

Redefining Your Coaching Purpose

Nicole Turner provides a four-step activity ICs can follow to create their coaching vision and turn it into a written purpose statement.

"When thinking about your coaching purpose, I encourage you to dig deep! What are your personal strengths and values? . . . I am committed to helping teachers to become their best selves. It is the small, personal, acts of kindness and respect that we show to teachers and kids that make a difference."

Secret Lessons and Common Pitfalls

Courtney Flanders reflects on her experience as an IC and some hard truths she uncovered along the way.

" Being an effective instructional coach is about more than just being a good teacher. I needed to learn how to identify the shifts that would make the most difference in each classroom. And I needed to do it without seeming like a condescending know-it-all, because frankly, I knew a lot less than the teacher team I was hired to coach."

Building Trust

Steve Barkley highlights six areas administrators, coaches, and teacher leaders should focus on when setting expectations and commitments for one another.

" Coaches and principals should clarify their agreement and expectations concerning confidentiality and share that agreement with staff. If the role is unclear to the coach and principal, teachers are sure to be unclear and that doubt will impact the coach's effectiveness."

Supporting New Teachers

The National Institute for Excellence in Teaching shares four ways districts can build and support a high-quality mentor program that helps retain teachers.

"Instructional coaching may be a new skill for some mentor teachers and providing them with training and tools to keep their coaching student-centered is key. . . . Although the work of mentoring is individualized, it should not be done in isolation. Working collaboratively with other mentors creates opportunities to share ideas, strategies, and resources."

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