Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 27: July 9th, 2021

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - July 2021 (Seasonal)

We're sure you could use some time to relax after the holiday weekend—here's poolside reading compiled just for you! 🏖️ Take a moment to learn how to use collective efficacy to leverage teamwork for better coaching cycles, a three-part redesign for enforcing good habits, what one principal learned while being in the trenches this year, and more. Enjoy!

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Collective Efficacy Leverages Teamwork for Better Coaching Cycles

Virginia Soukup highlights three foundational elements of a coaching cycle that help guide a group of teachers to achieve their collective goal. 👏

"As a coach, it's imperative to help teams devise a plan and take ownership of the process. With this particular team, we had an initial meeting to set a goal and our objectives. . . . In the end, the fundamental reason all the teachers felt this partnership worked was that they all shared similar teaching philosophies driven by student achievement."

Create Good Habits

Jim Knight believes we can turn ideas into action through a three-part habit redesign.

" A habit begins with a cue, some prompt that triggers an action, like a green light on a traffic signal. Following this, there is a routine, a response to the cue or prompt. Then there is a reward for the action."

A Collaborative Summer Conversation

Steve Barkley provides multiple banks of questions that coaches and principals can mix and match from to create a plan for the year ahead.

" It is critical that coach and principal function as a team and are seen by staff as being 'on the same page.' A teacher should discover that as she implements changes discussed with a coach, her principal notices and reinforces those efforts. It should be obvious to the staff that issues addressed in their faculty meetings align with topics of PLC and coaching conversations sparked by the coach."

Creating a Culture of Coaching

Chrissy Beltran and Jacy Ippolito summarize their recent podcast episode on the value of a clear vision and "theory of action" for coaching to thrive.

" Coaching work begins with the principal having a clear vision for their school. He shares why special care must be taken to define the coaching role, create a menu of coaching services, and develop a schedule for working with teachers. . . . Principals and coaches need to work together to create a culture where everyone is clear on the coach's role and how they support teachers."

My Semester of Teaching

Jessica Cabeen reflects on what she learned in the trenches and how it opened her eyes to the subtleties of students' needs.

"Teaching a group of 20 students—a relatively small one by public school standards— made me a better leader because the students felt very comfortable speaking up about things that didn’t make sense to them. They were blunt and made me see things in a new way. . . . This pivot wound up making our communications system more efficient and more fun—and it never would have occurred to me if I hadn’t been in close, daily contact with students."

Building Confidence in Teachers

Diane Sweeney shares why mental rehearsal and co-planning are foundational elements of student-centered coaching.

"As coaches, one of the most powerful ways we can help others build their confidence is through co-planning and visualization. Co-planning allows us to work together to envision a path forward. Visualization kicks in when we start mapping out the lesson with a clear vision for our goals for student learning."

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