September's Coaching Roundup: The Power of Twitter for Instructional Coaches

Weekly Coaching Roundup - Power of Twitter (v2)

Is a goal of yours this school year to expand your PLC—both in person and online? You're in luck! These articles appeared in our most recent weekly coaching roundup that's sent out out every Wednesday morning. To stay up to date on fresh coaching content, be sure to subscribe to the roundups below!

Seven Qualities of Instructional Coaches

Amy MacCrindle and Jacquie Duginske share characteristics of ICs and how Twitter can be used to stay current on best practices.

"Coaches possess a toolbox of instructional practices to support teaching and learning and they know when to use each tool to make the best impact on students and their learning. If you are looking to become stronger in your knowledge of instructional practices, get on Twitter!"

Tech Tools for Teams: Using Twitter

William Ferriter outlines the benefits of using Twitter to collaborate, chock full of examples and ways to get started.

"The biggest barrier to collaboration in any professional learning community (PLC) is simply finding the time to sit down and talk. [...] The good news is that we live in an age when new digital tools can be used to 'grease the wheels' of collaboration."

Further Your Instructional Coaching on Twitter

Brad Falvey provides an overview of popular coaching hashtags on Twitter to help you build your professional learning network (PLN).

"Twitter has positioned itself as a source for coaches to learn from each other, meet for topic-specific chats, share one's voice and opinions, and create opportunities for mentorship. Coaches are able to lend a supportive hand to their peers while providing a judgement-free space to show vulnerability."

Twitter for PD!? Why and How to Get Started

Jess Bell and Carlota Holder offer tips for using twitter as an educator, hashtag examples, and how to get involved in topic-based chats.

"Twitter allows educators to connect and collaborate globally. It can be used for any amount of time from a minute up to an hour, depending on your obsession. It gives you the opportunity to share what you are doing as an educator in your classroom as well as explore new ideas from other educators"

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