Product Update: TeachBoost Coach Activity Timeline

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The TeachBoost Coach product team is always listening to feedback from our customers as we share the common goal of helping instructional leaders measure the time, effort, and impact of their coaching programs. We’re excited to share some exciting updates to the Activity Timeline that are a direct result of the thoughtful feedback we’ve received from coaches and leaders.

We know that building relationships is the key to a successful coaching program, one that supports teacher growth and ultimately, improves student outcomes. But, coaches juggle organizational tasks that can detract from this focus. The activity timeline streamlines these tasks so that coaches can spend their time on, well…coaching, strengthening their relationships with teachers and providing much-needed support and consistent follow-up.

Improvements to the Activity Timeline

Our enhanced activity timeline allows you and your team to access a one-stop shop to help everyone stay organized and focused on building relationships. Here’s how we’ve made the timeline even more powerful for you and your team: 

  • Condensed related activities to meetings and classroom visits in a single view 
  • Made it quicker to add notes, next steps, and resource/evidence related to previous and current interactions with coachees 

The updated activity timeline saves time and can play a significant role in making coaches more successful.

Updates to the Coachee Profile Page

The coachee profile page now focuses on the activity timeline of all current and past activities. Coaches can access a coachee's profile page from their dashboard by clicking on the coachee's name. The coachee's profile displays critical information from the current cycle phase, open goals and action steps, and upcoming interactions. 

As coaches prepare for an upcoming interaction, they can quickly scroll through prior interaction notes, goals, and action items so they’re going into the conversation energized and ready to offer support.





Introducing Activity Cards

The improved Activity Timeline includes activity cards with new functionality that centralize coaching interactions in one easy-to-access place — starting with the initial kickoff conversation and continuing through the entire coaching cycle. Activity cards make it:

  • Easy to document and track coaching activities for each teacher
  • Quick to take notes during meetings and classroom visits
  • Simple to document planned action steps 
  • Convenient to share resources 

Activity cards help to remove the administrative friction so that coaching can focus on what matters most — strong relationships that support teacher growth.

Watch the Activity Timeline in Action


Making TeachBoost Coach Better, Together

Our team loves knowing what will help you and your team be successful—and we work to make every enhancement or new feature save you time, improve organization, or help build stronger relationships.

Contact our support team to share your ideas and feedback.

Not already a TeachBoost Coach customer? Reach out to our team to see a full demo and to talk about how you can make your district’s coaching program more impactful!

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