Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 20: May 15, 2020

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - May 2020 (Half) (Seasonal)

This week we learned how one coach uses Coaching Choice Boards to empower the teachers she works with, what "genius hours" are and why they're important for students, a few ways leaders can be more strategic and skillful in their support, and more. Enjoy! 👍

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Must Read 👉 Coaching Choice Boards

Pam Hubler uses Coaching Choice Boards to empower her teachers in the coaching process and choose their level of support. Find out how she's found success with them!

"Once I understood what my job included, however, it didn't mean teachers in my building knew how to utilize and work with a coach. This is why I decided I needed to create something that would help guide their requests in the right direction! This process really made me think of the services I wanted to focus on as a coach and how to describe them to teachers. . . . Gathering teacher requests via a Google Form means that I'll be able to see all the data for this school year in one place, which I can't wait to see! It will help me to determine which services are needed the most so I can structure my coaching schedule better and better each year."

Tips for Leading in a Crisis

Christina Podraza shares her 10 biggest takeaways from making the shift to remote learning.

"Social distancing may mean that we can't be physically close, but shouldn't mean that we distance ourselves from continuing meaningful relationships. . . . Connecting with families is such an important part of leadership in any time, but when we don't have the four walls of daily interaction to keep us all connected, it's imperative that we find new ways to do so. As an anchor of the community, supporting teachers, students and families will only make us stronger in a time of crisis."

Supporting Parents Supporting Students

Steve Barkley highlights "genius hours" and why they're important for students to tap into their creativity daily.

"Genius time will likely be different from many of the assignments that students are receiving from school. We learn most by doing. Especially when it's something we want to learn. Learning how to learn is one of the most critical life skills for students to develop today. A side benefit, as learners engage deeply, parents may find that it creates some independent learning and or working time for them."

Coaching in Crisis

Sherry St. Clair encourages coaches to lead with compassion and provides a framework for getting started.

"In this moment, the tools we use to support and grow our teachers are necessarily different. But the values remain the same. The difference is that, as we coach anxious and exhausted teachers, there is one real value that we should let lead our practice: compassion. . . . Right now, it is urgent in order to enable productive coaching sessions. Yet, you might find that in leading with compassion, your relationships with your teachers grow more trusting, more authentic, and more effective in unlocking their unlimited growth potential."

A Playlist for Leadership

Lori Cohen relays five ways leaders can be more skillful and strategic in their support for educators right now.

" Communication is the vehicle for stability and health in an organization. . . . Spend some time hearing what people are saying. Reflect on what you hear, mirror it back, ensure you're clear and follow up about things that are unclear to you. When people feel listened to, they trust you. They’ll be more productive."

Bonus: Coach Q&A 🎉

In a recent #educoach Twitter chat, Kathy Perret asked us how we think social distancing might impact education and coaching long-term. We put together the top six most-engaged answers in our first Coach Q&A post—check it out! 😀

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