Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 26: July 2nd, 2021

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - July 2021 (Seasonal)

We wrapped up June and kickstarted July by learning how to use the Jigsaw Method to increase collaboration during adult learning sessions, three steps for building our PLNs, words to avoid as an IC, and more. Enjoy! πŸ˜€

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Foster Cooperative Adult Learning with the Jigsaw Method

Miguel Guhlin walks us through the Jigsaw Method and how, in an adult learning context, it can increase collaboration and rapid learning among everyone involved.

"The goal of the home group is to divide up topics, then empower individuals to go to a more focused study group. That focused group is the expert group, where deeper analysis will take place. . . . After a brief discussion, learners return to their home group to discuss their findings, gather insights, and note them."

What's in Your Coaching Bag?

Steph Sukow offers a handful of tricks and supplies that we should keep handy when working with teachers. πŸ‘œ

"When teachers collaborate with me, I always follow up with small gestures of gratitude. From handwritten notes, stickers, motivational pencils, and more, I try to keep a stockpile of small tokens that can be used to show my appreciation and respect for my colleagues. . . . After meeting with teachers for a coaching cycle or delivering a professional development session, I always write a handwritten note on a card or a customized post-it note to remind my colleagues that they are valued."

Digital Business Cards and Visual Resumes

Jennifer Leban passes along a few tips for revamping our professional profiles and web pages.

"We were tasked with creating a Google Slide to introduce ourselves, and it dawned on me how useful this could be for things like Twitter chats or email signatures as a sort of digital version of your business card. . . . This is pretty simple and fun to do... just lay out your design on a Google Slide by inserting a pic (or Bitmoji), your contact info/social links, any pertinent badges, logos, or professional affiliations."

3 Steps to Build Your PLN

Stephanie Affinito urges ICs to continuously evolve their community of support both in-person and through social media.

"I needed more. I needed to talk with other coaches in my position. I needed someone to inspire me so I could inspire my coaches. I needed someone to show me the ropes, so I could show others, too. And since the things I needed weren’t geographically close, I had to lead my own learning in other ways. So, I started cultivating a personal learning network to lead my own learning with the help of technology and social media. . . . And almost twenty years later, I'm still growing my PLN and have dedicated my entire career to supporting those who lead the learning of others to help them do the same."

Getting Ready for Next Year

Beth Moore provides four end-of-year tasks that ICs should complete before checking out for the summer.

" The fall is an incredibly busy time for everyone in schools. It can be challenging to get input from teachers, or have meetings with principals. . . . I work at multiple sites, so near the end of the year, I'll send an email to each principal to let them know I'm available to support any people new to their position, and I’ll check in again later in the summer with principals, in case there were more changes in assignments."

Words to Avoid as a Coach

Vicki Collet believes offering choice while expressing your curiosities is crucial when providing recommendations during coaching conversations.

" Offering choice develops feelings of power and efficacy. These are important aspects to consider if our coaching seeks to gradually increase teachers' responsibility. Being asked to make a decision rather than being told what to do is an encouraging approach that exhibits trust in the teacher's ability. . . .Another benefit of offering choice is that it usually increases motivation."

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