• Establishing Reasonable Expectations With Your IC Supervisor

    Margaret Harris-Shoates

    Header - Harris - Expectations

    Although ICs deserve support from their peers, that's not always what they receive. Margaret Harris-Shoates, district Ed Tech coordinator in Virginia, shares what ICs can and cannot expect from their supervisors and what to do when they are feeling less than supported.

  • Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 22: June 4th, 2021

    TeachBoost Team

    Weekly Coaching Roundup - June 2021 (Seasonal)

    Welcome back! We started June by learning 11 apps to promote home-to-school connections, a few remote coaching and teaching strategies that your peers plan to continue using when they return to in-person learning, and more. Enjoy!

  • Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 33: August 14, 2020

    TeachBoost Team

    Weekly Coaching Roundup - August 2020 (Half) (Seasonal)

    This week we learned about some powerful pandemic-related introspection and coaching adjustments, the value of content-based coaching cycles and how you can get started, took a deep-dive into all of the qualities that drive a coaching implementation, and more. Enjoy! 

  • June 2020 Instructional Coaching Must-Reads

    TeachBoost Team

    Must reads header - June 2020

    June not only wrapped up the 2019-20 school year but also brought the official start of summer! ☀️ Check out the top articles from June's Weekly Coaching Roundups to learn how you can step up your approach to virtual coaching, tips for checking in with teachers remotely, a few foundational must-haves of coaching programs that work, and more. Enjoy! 👍

  • How Coaches Can Support New Curriculum Rollouts

    Amy Rudd

    Header - Amy Rudd - Supporting Curriculum Rollouts

    Amy Rudd, instructional coach in Akron, Ohio, talks about everything that goes into implementing a new curriculum within an organization and the central role ICs play at every stage along the way.

  • 2 Quick Tips for New Instructional Coaches

    Maria Papiez

    Header - Papiez - Starting Coaching 2 Tips

    Ready. Set. Coach! 📣 Maria Papiez, instructional coach from Illinois, reflects on her first year as an IC and passes along her two most valuable tips for others starting their coaching journey.

  • Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 16: April 17, 2020

    TeachBoost Team

    Weekly Coaching Roundup - April 2020 (Half) (Seasonal)

    Learn why being courageous is a must-have skill for any coach; a few tips for staying resilient while working remotely; how TeachBoost Coach makes it easy for ICs to stay organized, manage video conferencing, and build relationships; and more. Enjoy! 😁

  • Weekly Coaching Roundup: April 22nd, 2019

    TeachBoost Team

    Weekly Coaching Roundup - April 2019 (Half) (Seasonal)

    This week we enjoyed a coach's reflection on his transition back into the classroom, learned how "data walls" create a culture of collaboration, read about a district's journey creating a successful coaching program, and more!