• Just Show Up: Building Confidence as a New Instructional Coach

    Monica Carpenter

    Header - Carpenter - Build Confidence

    Trusting yourself is critical in a coaching role filled with victories, roadblocks, and everything in-between. Monica Carpenter, Curriculum Support Teacher in Atlanta, GA, reflects on nine lessons she learned to build confidence during her first year on the job.

  • 3 Ways to Build Your PLN as a New IC

    Violet Christensen & Courtney Groskin

    Header - Christensen - 3 Ways PLN

    Being a new instructional coach can feel like you're on an island with few resources, which is why it's crucial to build a learning network on your own. 🏝️ Violet Christensen and Courtney Groskin eagerly share three tactics for making connections—both in-person and online—and even suggestions of whom to follow online.

  • 2 Quick Tips for New Instructional Coaches

    Maria Papiez

    Header - Papiez - Starting Coaching 2 Tips

    Ready. Set. Coach! 📣 Maria Papiez, instructional coach from Illinois, reflects on her first year as an IC and passes along her two most valuable tips for others starting their coaching journey.

  • Fun(ny) Ways to Support Your Coaching Work

    Kelli Schiltz

    Schiltz - Candy Coaching v2 (Header)

    Kelli Schiltz, instructional coach in Wisconsin, gives her staff fun (and funny) treats throughout the school year to remind them of all the different ways she can support them in their work.

  • From Coached to Coach: Where Do We Begin?

    Maggie Colicchio

    My First Year - Header.png

    Maggie Colicchio, instructional coach from Alliance City Schools in Ohio, reflects on her experiences transitioning from being coached as a teacher to becoming an instructional coach herself.

  • How to Make Coaching a Team Sport

    Kara McFarlin

    My First Year - Header.png

    Kara McFarlin, an instructional technology coach in Illinois, shares five ways she made coaching a team effort during her first year as a coach. For more insights like hers from other new coaches check out our First Year as a Coach series!

  • Reflecting on My First Year Coaching

    Allison Kieffner

    My First Year - Header.png

    Allison Kieffner, instructional coach outside Boston, Massachusetts, reflects on the tools, learnings, and support she needed to make her first year coaching a successful one. Afterwards, read more perspectives like hers in our First Year as a Coach series!