Prioritize Your Own Professional Learning with Peer Coaching

Stephanie Affinito

Stephanie Affinito

Header - Affinito - Peer Coaching

When we stop growing professionally, we do a disservice to not ourselves but to others. Stephanie Affinito, Staff Associate in the literacy department at the University at Albany in New York, shares three ways to level up your coaching skillset by seeking feedback from your peers—both in-person and online. 💻

  • The Benefits of Role-Play for ICs

    Michael Sonbert

    Header - Sonbert - Role Play

    Michael Sonbert encourages ICs and teachers to step out of their comfort zones and participate in role-playing exercises if they genuinely want to impact student growth in the classroom.

  • Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 36: September 10th, 2021

    TeachBoost Team

    Weekly Coaching Roundup - September 2021 (Seasonal)

    This week we learned how ICs can create a coaching partnership agreement with their principal, the six stages of a student-centered coaching cycle, what school leaders should look for when evaluating coaches, and more!

  • Increase Peer Observation with Pineapple Charts

    Jennifer Conley

    Header - Conley - Pineapple Charts

    Jennifer Conley, instructional coach in Indiana, encourages the use of "pineapple charts" to help teachers show hospitality in their classrooms and inspire a school-wide culture of collaborative professional development. 🍍

  • Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 32: August 13th, 2021

    TeachBoost Team

    Weekly Coaching Roundup - August 2021 (Seasonal)

    This week we learned some tips for first year instructional coaches, three ways to build your PLN, seven ways to strengthen your coaching relationships, why thinking aloud during coaching conversations is productive, and more. Enjoy! 😀

  • October 2020 Instructional Coaching Must-Reads

    TeachBoost Team

    2020-10 October Must Reads header

    All treats and no tricks from October's Weekly Coaching Roundups. 🍭 Read below to learn a few tips for building teacher capacity, the benefits of using coaching choice boards, how you can take control of remote learning, a six-step coaching cycle for rolling out new classroom technology, and more! Enjoy. 👻

  • Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 41: October 9, 2020

    TeachBoost Team

    Weekly Coaching Roundup - October 2020 (Half) (Seasonal)

    This week we learned how coaches can help model student conferencing for their teachers, how one organization took control of their school year prep through collaborative PLCs, why the real classroom magic happens when ICs and teachers are in sync, and more. Enjoy! 😀

  • Modeling One-on-One Student Conferencing for Teachers

    Liz Janusz

    Header - Janusz - Modeling Conversations

    Let's face it, one-on-one support—whether for students or teachers—is extremely helpful but often not a skill we're all comfortable practicing. Liz Janusz, ELA instructional coach in Chicago, IL, shows teachers how to take conferring to the next level by modeling individual reading and writing conferencing with students.

  • Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 11: March 13, 2020

    TeachBoost Team

    Weekly Coaching Roundup - March 2020 (Half) (Seasonal)

    This week we learned the importance of self-care for ICs; why instructional coaches need to coach for independence, not dependence; some practical advice for modeling that are helpful for both teachers and coaches; and more. Enjoy! 😀